Your Online Privacy Needs To Be Protected

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Who’s listening or watching you in your home?  Our “Privacy” may be being breached even illegally and with no consequences, by your own Government.  A now famous “Whistle Blower” “Edward Snowden”, exposed this reality and took the world by surprise.


If you follow these 8 Ideas on How to Keep Your Identity Safe starting today, you may have a chance to keep your private information safe online.



  1. Don’t Answer Game Requests Block Them Instead

I don’t know about your but every day I get very annoying invitations to play some online game usually from someone I don’t even know, or download an app that I’m not the least bit interested in.  But it is even worse when it is from a family member or good friend.  Facebook is one of the worst for game invites, us this link to BLOCK these, and don’t worry they won’t know you have.  Click Here Now To Block These Uninvited Intruder’s into your Facebook.


  1. Don’t Put Your Location On Social Media

If you keep your social media profiles more generic, and not specific such as your location, it makes it much more difficult for someone to track you down or stalk you.  Most social media sites have a built in search bar that is coded to pick up on each area on the profile that they offer for information.  The easier you make it for other people to know all about you, the more likely it will be that you may get targeted for online abuse.


  1. Change How People Join Your Facebook Friends List

You now have the ability now to set your Facebook setting to “Friends” instead of just “public”, creating a secondary level of access to your private information you have posted.  You can also create a “List” and asking your friends, family, and contacts to join your list.  This will give you one more level of online screening for your Facebook.


  1. Remove Your Digital Footprint On Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites on the internet, and allows you to disable geotagging under the setting tab.  Geotagging attaches the Google maps to your Twitter account so others can see where exactly you preside.  This can be your home or office location.  You can change your Twitter Security By Clicking This Link.


  1. Check Your Smart Phone GPS Settings

Did You Know That Your Cell Phone Can Track Where You Are?  When you have your GPS activated you can literally be tracked to your exact location anytime.  GPS has become a huge convenience for finding almost any location you wish to visit or know about.  We use it to find a restaurant or a retail store or simply a party’s location we have been invited to.  But one of the most important ways GPS is used isif you have been in some kind of accident if you have this feature activated on your Smart Phone, your can be instantly located and helped if you need.  We recommend using this APP “AD Maid”.  You will need a “Gmail” account in order to get access to this app.

Click to Learn How To Change Your Smart Phone GPS Settings.


  1. Clean Up Deleted Apps

When we use apps they often have built in features that contain some of your private information.   Even when you delete an app hidden threads can be left behind that could compromise your personal security.  You can use one of Google’s best Apps to help you clean up your computer and smart phone.  We recommend using this APP “ But you do need to have a “Gmail” account in order to get access to it.  Click on this link to find out how you can remove unwanted data.


  1. Use Encryption To Protect Your Messages

Even your smart phone text messages are under security breach for privacy.  Government forces can collect your location, social media networks even your credit cards.  But you can use another App to keep your messages private.  We recommend using this APP “TextSecure”.  Again you will need a “Gmail” account in order to get access to this app.  Click on this link to find out how to protect your text messages.


  1. Your Telephone Conversations May Not Be Private

Who’s listening to your telephone conversations?  It is a known fact that Government forces can and do tap into phone lines on a daily basis and NO ONE is spared this invasion of privacy.  We recommend using the APP “RedPhone”.  Again you will need a “Gmail” account in order to get access to this app.  Click on this link to find out how to protect your telephone calls.


Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews Lock Your Identity

Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews Lock Your Identity

We have a right under our “Constitution” to be safe from hackers, spybots, snoopers, invaders, and even “Government Agencies” and not be vulnerable to exploitation of our personal and private information.

To read about the Canadian Privacy Legislation Fact Sheet click here.

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November 18, 2014