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You Can Change A Negative Review into a Positive One

Biz Testimonies Online Customer Review

Biz Testimonies Online Customer Review

When someone posts a negative remarks or comments, about your business on the Internet, the worse it is for your reputation.  People today often use their smart phones to quickly look up a business. If they come across a negative comment it may discourage them from proceeding to do business with you.

It is very important that you know what is being said about your company on the internet and as well try to fix any negative feedback with new positive feedback.  Below is listed some other things that can be done  to correct any content that has been posted that is not serving your business goals..

Contact the person who has posted a negative remark.

There is no way more powerful to reverse a negative online review that to address the problem head on. If a customer has had a bad experience, you need to know why it happened and try to take your unhappy customer back to being a happy customer.  This will then give you the option to ask them to remove their negative comment that could be hurting  future sales.

You Do This By Posting A Comment

Turning an unsatisfied customer back into a happy customer can be as easy as contacting them and getting to the bottom of the problem. You can email your customer, post a comment on their review or phone them directly which is the fastest way.   Social media sites like facebook and twitter are most likely where you will find a customer has posted a comment.

Set Up A Customer Satisfaction Survey How Can You Improve?

Add a customer satisfaction survey to your follow up so that you can find out early if your customers are 100% satisfied or not.  This way you can tweek your sales process, or support desk, or other areas of your business that may need some changes.




October 21, 2014