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Who Doesn’t Want Organic Traffic From Your ORM

Truly a Business Dream Come True When You Get New Organic Traffic To Your Website or Social Media Sites!

Biz Testimonies Reputation Reviews

Biz Testimonies Reputation Reviews

The debate is on whether or not business’s can get organic new traffic due to their Online Reputation Management services. Some people say oh the internet doesn’t do much for my business.  I get most of my leads from referrals.  Well nobody is going to argue that getting referrals isn’t the best quality lead a company can have.    But I would argue that the second best referral is one that has come from responding to an ONLINE REVIEW!  And isn’t an ONLINE REVIEWS really just another form of referral?

Let’s face it once someone has endorsed you, basically said they recommend your services your business and love your products, you want to maximize that happy customer wouldn’t you.  I mean you would send them an email asking them to send their testimonial in writing, you  would phone them and ask them to post a note on your Fanpages, you would send them a thank-you note in the mail to encourage them to share with their friends all about their great experience doing business with your company.

This is the POWER of using “Online Reputation Management”, everything is already in place for your happy customer to simply phone your “HOTLINE”, and leave their testimonial“.  At” Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews“, we provide your business with everything you need to collect happy customer audio testimonials, written testimonials and more.  We manage the whole process for you, all you do is make your “HOTLINE” available to your customers.

You may not think that having online reviews will change your business success.  But you must think outside the box.  Think ahead, and be prepared and ready for an new implosion on social media.  If you have gone ahead and started your “Review Hub“, collecting your library of testimonials, and your competition has not.  Not only will all your customer audio testimonials show up on Google as a review, but your customers can also rate them with the “5 Star Rating‘ software.  So 6 to 8 months down the road, you should  have attained 20 to 50 review or more. Now Google sees that your business is ACTIVE as you have new testimonials being added ongoing, Google moves your business closer to the top of your industry’s search results, passing your competition and posting your “5 Star Reviews“!,

The WIN-FALL to this method is 6 FOLD!

1. You have a way of collecting happy customer audio testimonials

2. You can post these on all your Social Media Sites

3.  Each testimonial is seen as a new REVIEW by Google

4.  Your website gets ranked higher

5. Your Reputation is Fantastic with a “5 Star Rating”

6. You WILL get NEW ORGANIC Traffic, as all your testimonials will come up in a search, encouraging others to do business with your company.

And you get all this for only $35.00 per month with a one-time setup fee!

Contact us TODAY at email: sales@biztestimonies.com or visit http://biztestimonies.com/bizfront and fill in the form.

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February 12, 2015