What Comes First the “Review Chicken” or the “Review Egg”? | Biz Testimonies

What Comes First the “Review Chicken” or the “Review Egg”?

When Is The Best Time To Start Your Online Reputation Management?

Biz Testimonies Online Reputation Management Chicken or Egg

Biz Testimonies Online Reputation Management Chicken or Egg

As a newer “Online Reputation Management” business, we are challenged just like other new business that start a new domain.  Even though our products and services are of the greatest value to businesses,  if  the top Search Engines have not indexed your domain yet, you are not showing up if they do an online search.

But what businesses must remember is “What comes first the CHICKEN or the EGG?  If their business gets started with building their customer audio testimonials, that are recognized as a “Review” by the Search Engines, as they begin to build on them, with more and more testimonials, that alone causes the Search Engines to index your “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews”  “Review Hub” link.  When a business is daily adding new content to their website, such as a customer review, the Search Engines recognize them as a  business that is very pro-active which is what “GOOGLE” loves.

By waiting you only prolong how long it will take for the Search Engines to index your “Review Hub“, and start showing in searches, so that they can also give you your “5 Star Rating“.  Any long term SEO is a technique that needs to be groomed.  It is not an overnight thing.  You are establishing your business as a serious business that is concerned about how satisfied your customers are in using your products and services.

Don’t procrastinate, get setup and started right now, so that you have a solid foundation of “Reviews” in a few months down the road.  Every single business can afford our ORM services at just $35.00 per month!

“Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” is the most affordable Online Reputation Management service in Canada.  Our business model is absolutely unique and we strive to be able to offer every business marketing strategies that will increase their success.  Please visit our “Biz Marketing” page to view our addon services.

If your business is established enough to step up your ‘Online Reputation Management“, and engage in Brand Analytics, Social Media posting, automatic directory listing, and more, then our “Reputation Smart“, membership is going to serve you best.

We are serving Canada, Western Canada, Alberta, British Columbia and all other provinces.

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March 9, 2015