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Why Online Reputation Management In Canada
  • Why Online Reputation Management In Canada

    March 18, 2015

    Start Your Online Reputation Management Control Strategy As Soon As Possible If you own a business in Canada, you will need to make your online activities and your customer’s activities a top priority.  Maintaining a positive online presence doesn’t happen by itself. It happens due to diligent strategies to establish a strong positive “Reviews” library. […]

  • Joel Ellams Real Estate and Land Developments “More Than Just A Realtor”, partnered with Century 21, and serving Vernon, and the Okanagan within B.C. Canada. Our services include but are not limited to “Property Sales and Listings”, “Project Marketing” and “Project Management”. Your “Reviews” are welcomed and taken seriously , as we value our customers and their input. Our business relies a lot on referrals, and that is why we want to know about how you fell with your experience in dealing with my services. If for whatever reason you were not satisfied with our service, we will try out best to make sure you are happy at the end of the day.


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    Biz Testimonies Reviews

    Biz Testimonies Reviews

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    Joel Ellams Real Estate

    Joel Ellams Real Estate


  • Perfect Example of Reviews Marketing

    January 30, 2015

    Reviews Matter To The Public! Here is a great example of how “REVIEWS” are both seen and used in today’s online world! I was reading an article on Yahoo this morning called “Best Anti-Aging Cream Of 2015? See For Yourself“, from Oprah Winfrey on recommending Retinol Skincare “Lifecell” as the best choice for wrinkles. Here […]

  • Introducing “Reputation Smart”

    January 11, 2015

    “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” – “Reputation Smart” is the name given to our FULL ORM SERVICES! If you have a business represented on the internet, then please pay attention to what we are introducing your business to .  This is serious business, serious consequences, if your business happens to be taken by surprise with […]

  • Start and End 2015 With A Good Business Reputation

    January 5, 2015

    Many business owners just don’t think they need “Online Reputation Management“.  But the fact is you can’t wait until someone does post a negative review.  By the time your business even realizes you have a negative review, weeks and even months may have gone by. The whole point of “Online Reputation Management” is it is […]

  • Using Negative Reviews To Your Advantage

    October 22, 2014

    There is an old saying that all publicity is good publicity!  Well that may not be your fist reaction to reading or hearing a negative review about your business online. Others might be saying “What are you talking about, all negative reviews are just terrible?” No one knows how hard you have worked to make […]