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Start and End 2015 With A Good Business Reputation

Online Reputation Management 2015

Online Reputation Management 2015

Many business owners just don’t think they need “Online Reputation Management“.  But the fact is you can’t wait until someone does post a negative review.  By the time your business even realizes you have a negative review, weeks and even months may have gone by.

The whole point of “Online Reputation Management” is it is a bit like taking out ‘INSURANCE“.  You set it up you begin to promote your audio testimonials, and collect your online library of positive reviews.  Once you have this system setup and operating, you are adding to your review library all the time.  When Google sees that you have positive reviews coming in regularly, they automatically push your business reviews to the top of your search results.

It should not be a decision of cost as our service is the most affordable online reputation management business, at only $35.00 per month and includes your Business Directory Listing, hosting of your customer audio reviews, and your “Review Hub“.

So be proactive and see that 2015 is a great year, and know that your business is moving up the Google ranks.   Add the value of an additional “5 Star Rating“, with your testimonials in your “Review Hub“, plus your Business Directory Listing” with Biz Testimonies, you simply can’t go wrong.



January 5, 2015