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Social Networking Affects Business’s Online Reputation

Social Media Networking & Online Reputation Management

Social Media Networking & Online Reputation Management

We have become a social networking society in as much as every minutes of every waking day we feel the need to open and read posts, post what’s on our mind, and we have been conditioned to SHARE-SHARE-SHARE everything.

In many ways we have become obsessed with the need to know, instantly, right now personal information, activities, pictures and even videos.

As a business owner or marketer how do we either control online posts that affect our business, or monitor online posts that influence our purchasing prospects. The answer is “Online Reputation Management”, the process of finding out, knowing, monitoring, reporting and analyzing, content that somehow links to your business online. This can stretch to include social media posts about your management staff and your employees, posting likes and dislikes opinions, having comments and feedback on these postings, then others reacting to these posts and commenting. Now add in the addition exposure of posts regarding your products and services.   A business owner can only hope that they are generating and putting out a positive light on their business.


If a business can utilize social networking and develop advocacy in a way that generates positive content, then the result will be customer loyalty and increased online responses. These responses may be in the form of new traffic to your website, increased online sales, or participation in a “Poll”, “Survey” or “Contest”.

When websites first began to become a must, we used the term posting, posting content, posting, images, posting videos and so on.

Trending online now the “IN” term is “REVIEWS”, everything posted online is now considered a “REVIEW”. The public is being conditioned to learn to do a search online to see what “REVIEWS” have been posted about a business they are thinking of purchase products or services from.   By consulting these searches results they can be exposed to positive or negative “REVIEWS”. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT for your business to be able to manage what new prospects will see if they do a Google search on your industry.

At “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews”, we administer an affordable time-saving formula that empowers how a business is seen online.

  1. Business Directory listing on Biz Testimonies
  2. “Hotline” complete with built in phone messages
  3. Your own business ‘Review Hub” where we post your customer audio testimonials.
  4. Our “Full ORM Services” in our “Reputation Smart’ division.


By building up a library of positive customer audio testimonials, each one seen as a new “Review”, by Google and other search engines, this method begins to rank your business higher each time. Add to that our “5 Star Rating” available on each part of your affiliation, including your “Business Directory” listing; and your “Review Hub”.

In our “Reputation Smart” division we can monitor and analyze your social media reviews, comments and feedback, allowing you to attend to unpleasant public posts. We can also set up on many social media channels, posts and content that encourage new prospects to visit a “Sales Page’, a “Special Offer”, a” Coupon”, a “Contest”, just about anything that keeps them receiving ongoing promotions from your business.

Add the powerful marketing concept of “VIRAL”, to this formula, which includes the motive to share the special offer, or the coupon or the contest, to any of the above, and you can change very quickly the online success of a business.

Please visit our website at:, and send us your business information, and you will receive a FREE ½ hour consultation.

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January 31, 2015