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Social Media Can Impact Your Local Business

Biz Testimonies Social Media

Biz Testimonies Social Media

Social Media has developed to a state today where an instant reaction to a shopping experience can be posted literally in second complete with a picture.

To add to that all their contacts will now also see their unhappy comment and be influenced by it immediately.  They may avoid shopping at your business for a while or forever!  Their mind might be already made up that you are not the go to guy for that product.  You might lose hundreds or even thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a year just because one customer did not like some part of their experience in dealing with your company.

Your online business reputation need “Reputation Management” and that is exactly what “Biz Testimonies” is all about.  Setting up your business with a program that allows your customers to leave audio testimonies about their experience in doing business with your company.  Since you may only get a very small percentage of negative comments about your business from unhappy customers, and your happy customers provide the backbone to your referral business as well as your main profits, using “Biz Testimonies”, can keep your business in good standing all the time.

You promote your “Business” audio testimonies link to all your customers and ask them to leave a message.  As these messages build and build online, your “Reviews” search will load a ton of positive, happy testimonies encouraging new prospects to purchase from you with confidence and trust.

Not only that but you can use the “Biz Testimonies” community to further expose your business for FREE!



October 22, 2014