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Do you know what is happening online in your business?

BizTestimonies Listing  Report

BizTestimonies Listing Report

I mean really know, who is posting what, and where on the internet review sites, social media, comment boxes and so on.

Take the guess work out RIGHT NOW!  It’s simple, then you know where you have to make changes in your online marketing.   Sometimes your entries you make on directories aren’t always the same, but they should always have the same basics, like phone number, or email, and such.

Being consistent is part of a business online branding.  That is why having custom graphics made for social media sites is so important, so the header instantly tells the visitor that they are on the right page for your business.  Whether it is a Facebook Fanpage, a Google Plus page, Twitter or YouTube, each part of the setup should always looks similar with graphics, logos and slogans.  By using Brand Analytics, you keep updated with your online presence and activities.  A valuable asset for any serious marketing manager or business owner.  I mean do you even know how your business fares in comparison to your competition?

But have you actually even registered your business in the hundred’s of directories online,  Each time you add one, Google pushes you up the ladder one for step.  Do you have reviews increasing for your businesses.  Do you have a way to post those reviews on all your social media sites with 1 push of a button?

Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews can  be adding testimonials to your “Review Hub“, every week, for only $35.00 per month, with our Bronze membership.

But our “Reputation Smart” services offers business a chance to get a handle on what is going online everyday, with daily, weekly, or monthly activities reports.  You get all of the services of the Bronze membership, plus our New Microsite boasting more reviews, more “5 Star Ratings”, more online branding,

You can get this for every location your business has, right across Canada. We monitor your online visibility 24/7 on all major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, BIng, and FourSquare.  Everything from reviews, images, tagged, news,videos, if it’s online and your business name is mentioned, you will know about it.   Trending keywords for your industry,

Visit our website at: http://biztestimonies.com/bizfront – fill in the form, and get your FREE Snapshot Report today!

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February 6, 2015