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Introducing “Reputation Smart”

Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” – “Reputation Smart” is the name given to our FULL ORM SERVICES!

Biz Testimonies Reputation Smart For Business

Biz Testimonies Reputation Smart For Business

If you have a business represented on the internet, then please pay attention to what we are introducing your business to .  This is serious business, serious consequences, if your business happens to be taken by surprise with unwanted, and unhealthy reviews posted on review sites or social media sites.

So not only will your business be able to begin to build a library of positive reviews ( audio testimonials) from your own customer base, but now you can monitor in LIVE TIME exactly what is being posted about your business online.

With our new “Reputation Smart” services, the ability to get charts graphs, live reports, reviews, brand analysis, competition reports,  social media reports, ranking reports, trending industry keywords, and so much more SEO (search engine optimization).  Your business will never again NOT know where you stand in search engine ranking or online presence.

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January 11, 2015