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Here Is Why I Believe in Voice and Audio Testimonials!

Biz Testimonies Man Leaving Audio Testimony

Biz Testimonies Man Leaving Audio Testimony

Let’s say a business manager gets at MOST 10 voicemails a day…

(most people I’ll bet, get way less)…

BUT he gets almost a HUNDRED Emails a day!

Time management requires that you prioritize what is going to get your attention first.

The point is, if you’re prospecting for business or answering a lead inquiry,

your #1 goal should be to get connected to that lead ASAP.

Honestly, that’s all you’re trying to do initially.

Do you have time to answer hundreds of email’s?  Probably not.

But you probably will make time to answer 10 phone messages, because they are quick and to the point, and you can assess it this is a legitimate lead or just someone price comparing, or product comparing.

So think about it, which way will the prospect remember you better?

Which way will you stand out more?

Voicemail wins every time.  Voicemail can have some urgency to it, whereas email is passive transfer of information.

When developing good Reputation Management habits, which method is the new prospect going to remember the most?  The personalized phone conversation that you returned or the email he gets among his other hundred’s in his inbox.

I’m not saying to stop using email of course not.

Imagine the power of being able to say to your new prospect, on the phone, when they ask about your company, well you can visit this link, ( and hear what our customers have to say.  I’ll email you the link as soon as we are off the phone OK!

But, using BOTH to follow up may be the better method.

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October 27, 2014