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Have You Heard of “Socialnomics”?

Socialnomics Is Changing How We Use Social Media and Review Sites!


Biz Testimonies Socialnomics

Biz Testimonies Socialnomics

Well this is a NEW word that has been created to try to put all in one phrase the sense and power of social media today. No business can afford to ignore Facebook today, even if it is just to show you are social media savvy. Some facts that can’t be reputed are:

  1. 90% of online shoppers and consumers trust what people say on social media.
  2. 14% of online shoppers and consumers trust in advertisements.

You can read Erik Qualman’s book “Socialnomics” to learn more about “Socialnomics”. He states in his book this definition for “Socialnomics” ”Word of mouth on Digital Steriods”. Now I’m not a weight builder, but just reading that definition gives me a pretty good idea of what he is trying to say.

So if the above statistics are true it is even more important that first of all your business has something interesting online for prospects to find and respond to. And secondly that all our information is consistent and correct.

Our Full ORM Services can help your business with this if you don’t have your name registered with online directories or the many social media sites that are available online. You can visit this link to learn more (http://biztestimonies.com/smart)

It can actually take up to 5 years before your business sees a successful ROI with your social media postings and reviews. This makes it even more important that we take steps now, to generate positive reviews and posts on social media sites, and review sites. Google needs something to pick up when a search is done for your industry if you want your business to show up.

Many business owners just don’t have the time themselves to do this, nor do they have the resources to hire a full time person to fulfill social media and review postings. That is why we offer this valuable service to the business community.

Contact us today for a FREE ½ business consultation (250-260-5883). (Available for Canadian businesses only)

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January 29, 2015