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Customers Will Leave Testimonies If Easy

Biz Testimonies Online-Reputation-Management

Biz Testimonies Online-Reputation-Management

I know I sure have said “Whow was that meal amazing, I would definitely eat here again.”

“Biz Testimonies Reputation Management” service is your answer to collecting good and bad testimonies and repairing your online negative reviews.

The best way to reverse a negative review is to have more positive reviews being added.  By making the process simple, easy and fast, your customers will feel good about telling the world how they enjoyed doing business with your company.

You can send your customers to “Review” sites where they are encouraged to leave a comment.   Also social media sites work well for referral comments, especially Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.  And lastly is of course using social networking or business networking sites, and all of these are programmed to allow other members to read posts that members make.

Everyone likes to use a business that someone else has had a great experience when shopping, purchasing or getting a service.  Once you begin this process you may find that your business name begins to go viral on your local community.

If you have a poor reputation, whether through reviews, comments, or on social media; social networking can be an effective way to start getting more positive mentions.

Remember to link all your social media buttons on your website, your apps and all online mini sites to make it even easier for your customers to post on them.

By adding your MP3 “Audio Testimonials” collected through Biz Testimonies, your online “Reviews” searched excel in your favor.


October 23, 2014