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Careful How You React To Negative Reviews

Your Reputation Rocks with Biz Testimonies

Your Reputation Rocks with Biz Testimonies

Have you ever done an online search on your own business and found a very negative review?  Your first reaction is to panic, and worrying about who else might find it and not do business with your company.  You may fear that your business is ruined!

It is best to keep yourself calm, and try to address the customer who left that scathing review.  If your customer took the time to post a comment online, then they clearly felt they didn’t get the service they expected or attention to the product they either purchased or were interested in.


By contacting this person or business and getting to the core of their problem, offering to fix it, or amend your agreement with them to meet their expectations, you can then ask them to remove the comment altogether.

The other option of course is to add a bunch of new positive and good reviews about your business to the search engines database.  This can be accomplished of course by using “Biz Testimonies” Reputation Management system.

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October 22, 2014