Audio Testimonies Is A Step Above


Hi, this is Lance Randle with Sutton Realty in Vancouver British Columbia. I just wanted to say that I think “Biz Testimonies”  audio testimonials service is a step above the other review companies service and the follow up has been great and I really like the “5 Star(*) Rating option.  If you have a business I highly recommend adding this testimonial reviews service. Thank you.

Listen To Lance Randle’s Audio Testimonial , just click the link!

Biz Testimonies Takes Testimonials To A Whole New Level


Hi, this is Joel Ellams from Vernon, B.C. I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Gail Parkhurst for setting us up with this Biz Testimonies that most people understand the importance of testimonials but Gail has put it in Audio Format and makes an actual ” 5 Star Rating” review and have all this link with Google Juice. It’s just something that takes testimonials to a whole new level and anyways I think it’s a fantastic service. Thanks Gail.

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