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Biz Testimonies Reputation Smart
 "Reputation Smart" Guaranteed to be the most complete "Online Reputation Management Service" at the most AFFORDABLE PRICE!

"Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews" offers FULL ORM Services that we call "REPUTATION SMART"!  This is an AUTOMATED SYSTEM in LIVE TIME that monitors your business online activities. Social Media Management plus Activity Online Reporting along with Brand Analytics Services offer a company daily content related to their business.

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#1. Biz Testimonies Brand Analytics
"Biz Testimonies Brand Analytics" is particularly popular with multi-location businesses as we provide a service that shows each locations activities in a complete professional way using graphs, charts, reporting, monitoring in a very visually pleasing way.  (Please note there is an additional monthly fee of $98.00 for each location setup with Brand Analytics.)

The company can see as a corporation their individual locations reviews, and if they are positive or contrary; by city or geographical; or get a report that looks at the entire company as a whole.  This service can be critical information for the corporation. 

#2Biz Testimonies Snap Shot
"Biz Testimonies Snap Shot" report shows where your business can be found on the internet.  It provides up to 7 "Reputation Smart" reports that can be available daily, weekly or monthly.  Daily alerts are emailed to top executives. Simplifying the identifying of your business online exposure and activities.

#3.  Biz Testimonies Online Reviews
"Biz Testimonies Online Reviews" searches and creates a report showing how active your online reviews are and where they are.  We activity monitor your online visibility, reviews, social media, news, images, video posts, and your business's competitive share of online real estate. We use an automated system to "Reputation Smart" and automate your social media channels.  This service also helps business identify if they are getting a good ROI with hired social media services.

#4.  Biz Testimonies Trending Industry Keywords
"Biz Testimonies Trending Industry Keywords" for your industry helps identify what keywords are most searched for in your industry.  This technique help you stay equal to your competition in the high demand search results with the top search engines including: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Foursquare and more. 

#5.  Biz Testimonies Business Mentions
"Biz Testimonies Business Mentions", shows us your 3rd party tagging of your business updates whether a review, post, photos, videos, a press release, social media posting or feature article.  If a negative review or comment were to be posted online, we would know about it.  Plus it will show all positive reviews so you can monitor how successful your "Reputation Smart" service is working to improve your online image and exposure.

#6.  Biz Testimonies Social Media Linking
"Biz Testimonies Social Media Linking", is a software that allows us to add all your social media accounts .  Once we have this in place you can send postings from this software and it posts to ALL of your social media sources with one click of the mouse.  Each of these becomes a "REVIEW" that the search engines will pick up.  Manual or automatic social media sharing allows you to post your written reviews to all of your online review sites.

#7.  Biz Testimonies Industry Competition
"Biz Testimonies Competition" chart shows your online share of real estate in compared to your competition.  It identifies week links where other business are represented and your business is not.  This way you can make corrections that are necessary to keep your business competitive. 

#8.  Biz Testimonies Synchronize Directory Registrations
"Biz Testimonies Synchronize Directory Registrations" is a listing distribution software that we add your business details to, like your name, address, email, phone number, website address etc.  We then populate your companies details to the top four companies that include: neustar; factual; acxiom and infogroup.  Then they submit your details up to 300 to 400 online listings (Directories) and it will automatically fill in and update your business listings ensuring it is consistent and accurate.   You can also create new "Location Pages" for your business that gives you even more online presence.

#9.  Biz Testimonies Twitter Lead Generator
"Biz Testimonies Twitter Lead Generator" is one of the most sought after tool for identifying individuals who are chatting about your product or service.  This can be set to a millage radius, giving you a very targeted lead generator for your business.  Instantly respond to a Tweet and introduce your solution for their concern.

#10.  Biz Testimonies Integrated Local Reviews Posting
"Biz Testimonies has integrated local Reviews within your "Reviews Hub" that gives your customer the ability to post a written review to any other review sites your business may be listed in.  This is fantastic as if they are leaving an audio review they are already in the mood to leave more reviews if it is easy and convenient for them.

#11.  Biz Testimonies Instant Employee Feedback & Review
"Biz Testimonies Instant Employee Feedback & Review", sends timely customer response  on employee performance via feedback forms that gets emailed to your management team alerting them that a problem may be brewing.  This can be separated by department or by employee.  This also helps motivate your staff and keep them reminded to be courteous and respectful of customers when in the field.  Our built in "Active Feedback System' removes burden of proof.

#12.  Biz Testimonies Return Software
 "Biz Testimonies Return Software" automatically "Asks For A Written Review", based on your "Follow Up Settings"  setup in your Dashboard.  Then gives you the option to "SHARE" your written review in all your other social media accounts!  Remember "5 Star Ratings" directly affects your business's revenue and growth!  You really want to be using this software and for your reviews to be 4.5 or higher, as this definitely gives you the edge on your competitors.  Imagine having the ability to "SEARCH" by "5 Star Ratings".   You can manage your Dashboard on any device -100% Browser and Mobile compatible.  The success of any business is really anchored in their "reputation"!  As a business owner or marketing manager you have a responsibility to know what is being said about your business both offline and online.  With our "Online Reputation Management" "Reputation Smart" services your business has the ability to identity internal problems and rapidly improve business performance and at the same time enhance their online reputation. 

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Please note that the "Reputation Smart" membership option replaces the "Bronze" membership option, or is an upgrade from the "Bronze" membership. 

To register with "Biz Testimonies Reputation Smart Services", please click the image below where you will be taken to Paypal, complete the purchase of your Setup.  Then return to the website, scroll half way down the page until you come to the "REGISTER" button.  Click on that button, complete the registration, then choose the "Reputation Smart' membership choice.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit submit.  You will then be taken to the Paypal page again to complete your "Reputation Smart" membership.

Choose the "REPUTATION SMART SETUP". This fee covers the setup of your Directory Listing; Review Hub; Hotline; Brand Analytics Multi Location; Snap Shot Reports; Online Reviews Reports; Mentions; Social Media Links & Review Sharing; Competition Reports;  Twitter Lead Generator;

Biz Testimonies Reputation Full ORM Monthy Fee Choose the "REPUTATION SMART MEMBERSHIP" This fee covers the monthly hosting of your Directory Listing; Review Hub; Hotline; Brand Analytics Multi Location; Snap Shot Reports; Online Reviews Reports; Mentions; Social Media Links & Review Sharing; Competition Reports;
Twitter Lead Generator;

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