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#1. Customizing The Audio Messages Your Customer Hear

When you register with "Biz Testimonies" you will receive with your software, with our generic pre-recorded audio messages that your prospects hear when they phone your "Reviews HOTLINE" phone number to leave their testimonial.

Click this links below to hear  the "Standard" phone messages.
Introduction: Biz Testimonies Generic Welcome Voice Script
Positive Choice: Biz Testimonies Generic Positive Voice Script
Contrary Choice: Biz Testimonies Generic Contrary Voice Script

With the "Biz Testimonies Custom Audio Messages Upgrade" You will receive 3 customized audio messages when a customer phones your review number to leave a testimonial.  First an initial introductory message giving them instructions on the choices they have.  Secondly a choice #1 for those who wish to leave a positive audio testimonial, and thirdly a choice #2 for those who wish to leave a contrary testimonial.  Then they will get redirected to the message choice they have made, totaling 3 custom audio messages in total.

To order the "Biz Testimonies Custom Audio Messages" click the link below.  It will be your businesses responsibility to provide "Biz Testimonies" with the new dialog to be used in your new custom audio MP3 testimonial files. The fee for the set of 3 Custom Audio MP3 files is a low $150.00. 


Advanced Advantages of How To Maximize your
"Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews" Membership"!

1.  Add A Second Phone Number
Now that "Biz Testimonies" has set your business up with your own “Review Hub” you have many Upgrade Options available to your business. Upgrade to Second Phone number “Bronze Double” membership We can set up a second phone number for your business that can be used for:

1a. Company messages to the general public
2b. Audio Advertising of a Special Promotion
3c. New Product Release
4d. New Employee Onboard

Plus many other reasons.

Your company then promotes this new phone number as your “Company Hotline”! This phone number can be attached to your website as a link for “Company Updates”, it can be attached to an image and posted on your blog, social media, mobile apps, or videos. You again have the option of copy and pasting your “Company's Audio Messages” to your “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” membership “DOUBLING” your online “Company REVIEWS”.  

The fee for adding a second phone number to your "Biz Testimonies" back office is  covered in a membership upgrade called "Bronze Extra 2".   So your initial Bronze membership will be replaced with your new "Bronze Extra 2" membership for a monthly fee of $49.99.

2.  Add A Third Phone Number
2a.  Add a third customized phone number just for incoming messages.  This option works well for a company who does not want their cell phone to be their only way the public  can contact them, so by having a new "leave a message" phone number, it frees up their cell phone for other purposes.

2b.  If your staff is too busy to answer the phone, then using this new phone number where the public can leave a message gives you the control of when to call them back.

The fee for adding a third phone number to your "Biz Testimonies" back office is covered in a membership upgrade called "Bronze Extra 3". So your initial Bronze membership will be replaced with your new "Bronze Extra 3" membership for a monthly fee of $72.98.

4.  "Reputation Smart"

Businesses wishing to utilize our Live - Active online reporting services offering FULL ORM Services called "Reputation Smart" will need to exercise the FREE 1/2 hour consultation that we offer.   Every business in unique, and there needs are unique, therefore we custom build these services accordingly.   You can email: to request your FREE consultation.

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