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Biz Testimonies Consumer Posting Guidelines For
“Biz Testimonies” Online Reviews and Comments


"Reviews" added to “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” (Biz Testimonies) and/or ( website are to be posted by businesses customers, and do not reflect the opinions of any “Biz Testimonies” owners, tech support or employed employees.  They are for consumer beware purpose and may become highly controversial.

“Biz Testimonies” is a membership website for our Business customers to use for posting online “Reviews”.  Only those who have a “Biz Testimonies” membership will have the right to add audio or written content, images and videos to the ” Biz Testimonies” website, with the exception of comments made to posts.

The “Biz Testimonies” hosing side, allows our Business customers to promote their unique phone number to their customer base and leave audio MP3 testimonials.

“Biz Testimonies” DOES NOT have any opinion regarding “Reviews”, content, images or videos posted by Business owners and or employees or their customers comments made to the Business written “Reviews” posted on “Biz Testimonies”.  Please also note that “Biz Testimonies” DOES NOT ENDORSE any 3rd party audio testimonials, content, images, videos or comments attached to any posts made on “Biz Testimonies”.   

“Biz Testimonies” also reserves the right to delete any Business membership, along with all  of their audio MP3 testimonials, and posts, that is found posting foul, defamatory, profanity or insulting language, text content or images of the same.  “Biz Testimonies” will not tolerate whether audio or text pornographic statements, content or images.  “Biz Testimonies” also will NOT tolerate any unethical material, images, or prejudice audios or text posts or comments including hate speech, threats, personal attacks, or any audio, text posts, comments, images or videos considered objectionable.

“Biz Testimonies” also reserves the right to delete any membership without refund for any reason we feel necessary.

“Biz Testimonies” is aware that “Reviews” can be very subjective, and unique, and decisions are based on individual circumstances, and can’t always fit into these guidelines.  "Biz Testimonies" always has the final say on the deletion of a Business membership account.  In the circumstance that this happens there will be NO refund.

“Biz Testimonies” Registration Requires The Following:

In order to register a Business account your will need to fill in the business name, business website domain name, business complete address, business email address, business phone number, and business contact person.  Your Business should also have already purchased the “Biz Testimonies Setup” found on the “How To Use” page in the top navigation bar.

Written reviews added to your “Biz Testimonies” membership site need to be at least 25 words and be descriptive in nature.

All “Reviews” written content, image and videos must be suitable for all age groups from children to seniors.

Customer Guidelines

Customers Posting Their Audio Testimonials need to respect all the guidelines outlined in the “Biz Testimonies Posting Guidelines” page, fully and completely or be challenged by both the “Biz Testimonies” management and the company you are affiliated with. 

Posting an accurate experience you personally have had is required, no hearsay testimonies allowed. 

You must have been a legitimate customer of the business you are posting about, and may be asked to show proof via a receipt or contract.  This can be either a company product or a service you received. 

To remain in good taste we ask that you do not name a competitor by name when adding your audio testimonial.  Make sure your testimonial is truthful, factual, and accurate.  Providing helpful information to new prospects is your main purpose for leaving an audio testimonial.

If you wish to add a Text Written testimonial about your experience with the business you are affiliated with, simply contact the owner and forward your testimonial to them and they can then choose to add it to their “Biz Testimonies” membership page.


1.      A “Biz Testimonies” Business customers audio “Review” or any written content, images or videos must be legal and non-infringing. Please be advised that “Biz Testimonies Management” will remove your membership if we discover any illegal or infringing content.

            Otherwise if a business requests that an audio testimonial or a written comment be investigated             or removed we will address this concern for that business.

2.     It is the Business Owners Sole Responsibility to monitor their audio MP3 customer testimonials as well as any comments posted on their “Biz Testimonies” membership site by the management or employees.


3.     "Biz Testimonies" is a Business Reviews Posting Website and is for use of those over the age of 18. (Please see our “Terms and Conditions”)  If your customer base is youth and children, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian (who is over the age of 18) to add any audio testimonials on behalf of the youth, or to make any written comments on “Biz Testimonies Membership Site” again on behalf of the youth.  Please DO NOT use personal names in this instance.


4.     It is the Businesses responsibility to ensure that NONE of their employees including management and the company owners make audio testimonials to your “Biz Testimonies Membership Site”.  Unethical posing from the fore mentioned company employees or owner, as a customer or consumer is strictly forbidden.   If a discovery is made that your Business is using this method to gain new “Reviews”, be aware that this behavior is considered fraudulent and your “Biz Testimonies Membership” will be cancelled immediately.  Please also note there will be NO REFUND.


5.     Comments responding to a written “Review” on a “Biz Testimonies Membership” are subject to the same posting guidelines as stated in the “Biz Testimonies Posting Guidelines” page.  Be aware of our “Privacy Policy” when adding comments to any “Biz Testimonies Membership”.  If we find someone who has violated our “Biz Testimonies Posting Guidelines”, our “Privacy Policy” or our “Terms and Conditions” that Business may be suspended from further posting or commenting on the “Biz Testimonies Membership Site”, and their membership may be cancelled.  Please note that NO REFUND will be considered under those conditions.


6.     Comments responding to a written “Review” on a “Biz Testimonies Membership” are meant to be personal in nature and non-commercial.  Therefore no domain URL's, e-mail addresses, HTML code, is allowed in the “comments “ section.


7.     “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” posting website is North American based, and thereby all written content, comment, images with text must be posted in English.


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