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"Biz Testimonies Marketing For Members"!
We are developing a "Business Community", where we all have something "Great to offer each other.  All of the "Marketing Techniques" listed below will compound and even explode your online results.

#1.  Biz Testimonies T-Shirt Contest Marketing

Biz Testimonies T-Shirt Contest  Marketing is a powerful way to get your business branded.  We help you create a HOT & SEXY T-Shirt (image - text message) something fun that relates to your business.  You can also use this as a "Fund Raiser" for a local sports club, or "Non-Profit" campaign.  If your T-Shirt campaign happens to go viral, you will not only benefit form a new source of income, but you will also be branding your business logo solidly.   By "Retargeting" your T-Shirt Campaign, we can follow up with anyone who looked at your T-Shirt with a new "Special Offer".   When a new prospect uses your offer, we will put their audio testimonial on your "Review Hub".

Biz Testimonies Biz Marketing T-Shirt Campaign

#2.  Biz Testimonies Retargeting Marketing

Biz Testimonies Retargeting Marketing is a very overlooked marketing technique.  If you are not using this kind of method to keep your business brand in a new prospects vision, then you are missing a lot of potential sales.  With a retargeting campaign our goal is to be able to have your sidebar ads keep following and coming up when someone has visited your website.  As they do new searches your "Ad will show keeping your brand, your business name and product or service actively in their face.  This repetitive technique eventually causes them to trust your name and buy form your business. 

Biz Testimonies Retargeting Marketing Biz Testimonies Retargeting Marketing Campaign

#3.  Biz Testimonies Viral Traffic Minisite

Biz Testimonies Viral Traffic Minisite is a specific site created with specific software that draws interesting content ( articles, images, videos) automatically for you on AUTOPILOT!  This secondary contact page from your existing blog page, will tell "Google" that you are active and busy as new content will be added daily, thus they will push your site closer to the top of searches for your industry.  Using this technique along with our "Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews", will give you outstanding results for keeping near the top of the list.   By adding an "Opt-in" form on your sidebar or as a Pop-up, will capture a good amount of traffic.  By placing a "Special Offer" for a specific product or service, in the sidebar of your "Viral Traffic Minisite",  you will begin to get "Organic" traffic and sales to your main website page.  If you combine this "Viral Traffic Minisite" with our "Biz Testimonies Retargeting Software" you will more than double your results.  We will put their audio testimonial on your "Review Hub".

Example of your new Viral Traffic Feed!
Huge Dogs Forget They're Not Puppies Anymore, THIS Happens> And It's Hilarious....Here is the
Biz Testimonies Biz Feed Huge Dogs

Biz Testimonies Viral Traffic Minisite

#4. Biz Testimonies Email Marketing Campaign

Biz Testimonies Email Marketing Campaign is designed to setup a complete "Sales Funnel" for your business.  This is a technique that captures information like name and email from a visitor to your website.  We create an irresistible FREE item or report where they will be asked to Opt-in to your list to get.  This technique has been used for years and is still today one of the most effective, marketing campaigns a business can be using.   We help you get your "Complete Office Suite of Tools" that is needed in order to fulfill your "Sales Funnel".  We help you design and create your email campaign which main goal is to build a list of new prospects so that you can keep in touch with them with new "Special Offers"!  Will will write 5 follow up email's for your campaign, create graphics setup of your "Opt-in" code, and create your "Splash page".   To receive our "FREE Email Marketing Report", please visit:

Biz Testimonies Email Marketing Campaign

If you have not picked up your "FREE Online Reputation Management Reports" yet please visit:

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