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Advanced Online Reputation Management Reviews

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Biz Testimonies Advanced Online Reputation Management Reviews

Biz Testimonies Advanced Online Reputation Management Reviews

So I think every business owner would agree with me when I say, that in today’s instant messaging world, that no matter how much money you have put into online marketing and brand building, the public is really in control of your reputation.  Here in Canada, and most provinces including the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, many business owners are experiencing how fast a disgruntled employee or customer can make public what they believe to be a negative experience in dealing with your company.

It is an automatic assumption to conclude that online reputation management is solely an SEO issue and not realize that it is much bigger that just SEO.

The Good Review verses Bad Review is not limited to just search engines, as almost every pubic website online gives consumers the option a leave a comment.  They could be watching video’s on YouTube, or browsing through flicker, or Digg I mean the list really is endless.

With “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews“, we strive to accommodate every type of business and every size of business.   Every business today can afford our “Online Reputation Management” services.  I am stressing this point because your business may very well already have spend thousands of dollars in branding and marketing your image online.  And I believe you will probably be spending even more as we move forward to competing with a smaller and smaller world.

Now as owner or marketing manager of your business it is your responsibility to protect your “Brand” and online image, from unwanted negative commentary posted on the many social media sites.

The best part though is that you can scale your business needs according to your size, your products and even your employees.  Brand Analytics is sophisticated but also fine-tuned, so you get real “Live” time reports that tell you what is going on in the cyber world you are too busy to pay attention to.

Once you begin to monitor your online reputation activities, in all places online including standard search results, then social media, the  blogs and even forums, you will find out who is saying what about your business, you can take more control in addressing uncomfortable issues at their core.

Using “Optimization” properly, being pro-active by building new customer audio testimonials that become “Reviews” for the search engines, is the fastest and most affordable way to continue to build your online Brand in a safe way.  The more new good “Reviews” your business can attain the faster you will be rewarded by the big players in SEO.  The best part here is that you have complete control over developing new positive “Reviews” which become your new online reputation!

Advanced Online Reputation Management should start with “Reputation Smart“, our Full ORM Service division.  We offer “SNAPSHOT Reports”, Brand Analytics, Social Media Postings, and much more.

You have the choice to engage in unhappy customers and also reward happy customers that give your business a “Lot of Power”!

You can let us take care of the technical details of protecting your online reputation, while you carry on doing what you do best, sell your products and services.
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March 8, 2015