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5 Reasons You Need Online Reputation Management Services

Biz Testimonies Online Reputation Management  2

Biz Testimonies Online Reputation Management 2

How is it that a business comes to a place where they can not see the value in protecting their online reputation?

It is sometimes hard for businesses to look too far into the future.  But as a business owner or marketer,  it is your job, to be aware of upcoming trends and also sourcing out problems before they affect your business.

I have heard business people say to me, “I’m not worried about my online reputation, we have not had any problems with our customers and don’t feel we need this service”.  The only come back I have for this comment, is that for the cost of lunch out once a month, you can protect your image online, your ratings, your ranking, and your reputation!

5 Reasons You Need Online Reputation Management Services:

1.  Your online image is everything to new prospects

2.  No “5 Star Ratings”?, I’ll shop at a business that has “5 Star Ratings”

3.  Don’t show on 1 to 10 pages on Google search results?  Your hooped!

4.  1 search result comes up and it is NOT GOOD!

5.  Audio testimonials are the most effective way to engage new prospect to use your products or services.


We use “Audio Testimonials” because they are the most exciting!  Other people can hear the tone of their voice, the excitement in their voice, the sincerity of their voice.  They are far more believable to listen to than to read a text testimonial.    Many people are just too busy to read through pages of text testimonials, but can take 5 minutes and listen to some audio testimonials and get excited instantly!

If we all knew when someone is going to send you a virus, and cause our computer to crash, we would simply not go online that day.  But the truth is we do not know when our lively-hood is going to be attacked, but we do know that we need to put “Anti-virus” software on our computer just in case it happens.

Our service is a bit like that, you set it up, and get your customers sending in audio testimonials, so that you do have something online that serves a good purpose, some positive reviews online for Google to show.  Then you are not NAKED you are not faced with ONE (1) or (2) reviews you didn’t not expect, and are SCARING people away from your business.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to develop your library of positive customer audio testimonials.  If you get started now, you will be in great shape  for online searches in your industry.  You will have “5 Star Ratings” under your successful “Review Hub” link, adding confidence and trust for new prospects, PLUS a solid GOOGLE ranking.

Your business won’t miss our affordable fee of only $35.00 per month, but you will gain so much more by utilizing the POWER of “Biz Testimonies Reputation Management Reviews” service.

We also have a FULL ORM Services under “Reputation Smart“, please visit our page by clicking the link.






January 23, 2015